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All I can say is "holy crap" to your and Hillary's situation.... 

Posted 4/25/2012 at 10:51:13 PM

..... I wanna say "are there REALLY people out there so tacky, bitter and jealous"?
It's just sad that they have to stoop so low and creppy because they aren't happy with themselves/their own lives.

I REALLY hope it doesn't take until she retires for this to stop.  Gut feeling says it's a female. And to that skank I say FTB (f*ck that b*tch).

*hugs* Hillary.


Posted By: SomewhereOverTheRainbow
Unfortunately, when you become so successful that people know your name from the east to the west, you are going to have people who are jealous and want to create drama for you.

Most likely it is a disgruntled client or a provider who got your incall info from a client who talks too much in bed. Board lurkers and the people who send those “you’re a sinner and going to hell” emails do not have access to your info like a client (or provider with the same client) would.

One of the reasons I went UTR a couple of years ago is because of the harassment you get from being a high profile BOARD provider. They won't stop until you "retire". So while I cannot relate to anyone sending harassing letters to my home, they sent emails, outed my incall, stalked me at work, impersonated me on the boards and created backchannel rumors. I truly believe that at one point there was someone so obsessed that they sent nasty emails back and forth between another provider and me to stir up trouble. I think the lady was probably actually nice, and so these people are just trolls who want your attention. Do not give it to them!

While you cannot create email filters to avoid the nonsense you are experiencing at home, you can invest in a good security system and cameras. You may want to consider moving and becoming an outcall only provider or handle your business out of a different venue.

Also it might be a good idea to take a break from the boards. Trust me; you will not lose major business as long as you have great repeats/regulars and some men are attracted to low-profile ladies. Then you can avoid some of the negativity while you sort everything out at home.

Be safe out there.


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