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Thank you for the support....

Posted 4/25/2012 at 11:27:12 AM

These letters are coming via MAIL, as in....TO MY HOME. I did get some PMs about blocking email. It is not via email. They are coming to me in the most illegal fashion possible...I have contacted the post office. and others about this.
This person seems to be very upset about me being in a documentary. Hey, I have like 5 minutes of interview, if that....Ummm, it's NOT movie star stuff! It's actually somethin Im a bit nervous and embarrassed to do, but really felt a strong push to go forward with it and be a part of maybe someday, making a change in the way this work is viewed. I believe in this industry and do not think it should be looked down upon. Remember in the Roman times....heck these gals were right up there with kings!!! haha!!
There is a woman on Kristens website named Norma Jean Almodovar....an amazing advocate for sex workers. I have a call out to her as well. Im a bit freaked out, but am so thankful for this community of friends. Ive never had freinds in my life before this work....never....no family as they always judged me for being such a free spirit, and I simply just stayed away from friends, especially at Bible college as I did not fit in too well there....i questioned authority waaaay too much. So instead I sat in my room and read the Bible and TRIED to figure out how the HELL to speak in tongues!

Love to you all!!!!

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