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Do we really want more rules or limitations? 

Posted 3/13/2012 at 3:35:45 PM

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Yes, alias posting can be rude attacks and they are offensive to some.  In my opinion the few attacks that do happen should not warrant all of us loosing part of our posting freedoms.  If an alias attack happens ignore them, with out attention they will go away.

There are good reasons that call for an alias, many ladies use them to express their views without limiting their appeal to potential hobbyist and many hobbyist post under an alias to keep certain information from the ladies.  Examples are threads asking how much you spend, where you've traveled, or even the current one asking what to get her for her birthday.

More rules and restrictions will not make this site better for us, it simply gives us less freedom to express ourselves.  We as a board need to take this for what it is, a board for exchange of information within our hobby.

It's just the internet, quit taking it so damn seriously.

Finally, if I see you use "Pretty Please" again I will have to pull your Man Card!



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