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Re: I think this could be accomplished but....

Posted 4/23/2012 at 3:09:04 PM

Very well said!!! I agree with all this...we do have to be careful. I will do 1/2 hours without a problem but only after I have met with the hobbyist for an hour first.   On a rare occasion I will do it the first time but I have to be without a doubt, sure of whom I am talking to.  As far as how long does it take for a real GFE, that could depend on alot of things. Honestly I think my GFE comes from my attitude, actions, warmth, surroundings, etc. I dont really feel there is a time limit. I could make you feel like Im your girlfriend in 1/2 hour or overnite...doesnt matter. I love what I do maybe thats a difference to, you have to enjoy yourself.  I know I am not as reviewed as some but I am definitely headed that direction.
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