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Answers to your posed questions...

Posted 5/23/2012 at 5:16:51 AM

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1. I typically do incalls but if I do schedule an outcall I like casual clothes to not draw attention
2. I have no real preference on blonde or brunett
3. I prefer thicker ladies which typically coincides with the answer to number 4
4. Usually go for big boobs...always have
5. I prefer independents and if I find a nice lady I will see them multiple times; Agencies to me seem too "arranged if that makes sense
6. I prefer an apartment but again if I am comfortable with who I am seeing a hotel is fine.
7. I prefer an hour.  Before things get heated I like to talk with the lady and at that same time check out her body and admire the view
8. Drinking and driving is a big no no for me so I prefer water.  Though I love red wine since having even one glass gets the motor running.  My favorite lately is Newton Cabernet Savignon.

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