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Re: A question to all hobbyists about fake reviews

Posted 5/23/2012 at 5:38:46 AM

Hey Clarence,

Ok, what IF the fake review does NOT accurately describe the provider in question.

Then what? Is that fair to all of the providers who have worked hard for their reviews and NOT have one single fake review?

I don't think so.



Posted By: clarence37
Don't misunderstand that I am saying that fake reviews are fine, no problem. I have no love for guys trying to scam free VIP time, shill reviews, or fake bad reviews trying to harm a girl for personal reasons.

But what if they are accurate? Personally, I don't read the reviews for the "juicy details". I don't care how many times you super-studs made her cum, how great you were in the sack, or how many times she told you that you were the best she ever had. All I want to know is if she is really as pretty as her pictures, whether or not she is relaxed, friendly, and affectionate, and specifically what services she provides. All the things I cannot ask her on the phone - "will you suck my cock without a condom", "do you offer anal sex", "do I get multiple shots on goal". etc, etc. So if the "fake" review accurately portays all these things, what do I care?



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