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I did hear of dragon

Posted 5/14/2012 at 12:11:49 PM

voice recognition software n should consider getn iut so as noit to be misunderstood , or taken for a dummy , i just hav a condition that can at times be a royal pain in my ass, !!!!!!!!! trust me i am intellegent and actually have written whole siongs myself . so dont mistake me for some one who cannot write i just have bad neck n then this fibromyalgia bullshit! so sorry bagin, if it annoys people, i did oay 130 for my annual dues, and i will continue to chime in when i feel the need to chiome in here or there on occasion despite the annoyandce it apparently is cUSING FEW YOU FOLKS,                  but its for good reason i def had a hard time w some bad neck issues ,its a condition called adhesions which is very very poainful{ and i need not get into who where when why but in my defen=se i have had some bad injury that landed me in physical therapy, and i am attempting , to continue my life as usual, which in any ones case would be best advice, as oppsed to curlin up in a ball and not doin anyb thing i used to do, which i beleive to be a death sebtence for any one, and its best to over come, and adjust accordingly and return to doi all norma activities,            so if you saw a guy walkn funny on the beach cuz he has ms would you point ans ay hey you ass wipe why arent you walkn right? well i have fibromyalgia, and it trust me is annoying, and yes I tyoe weird, so um i dint know uf you waznna pool a donation for eragon voice recognition software for me, id appreciate it,...............i have a pretty dam good excuse for not being capable of tyoping perfect and well whatev, i am defendin myselkf on this one, i am nby no means stupid or dumb, i did attend college as wekll as miore schooling after and yes , english com level one and two at quincy community college! so just in my defense , diont mistake me for some whos stupid because my tyoping isnt spotless, thank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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