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Yep, omg I know what you mean.....again..

Posted 5/9/2012 at 8:43:32 AM

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Once you move into the civie life drama, it goes from fantasy to "appear" to be reality.

Be careful dude, can you really share in her life?  What happens to yours?  Is it realistic?

One of the girls told me once, after I spent an hour on the phone crying about some other provider, "we all have a tragic story, but you pay for a fantasy, if you want drama, you can have a mistress, that's what we are for, sex without the drama. In the end you pay us to leave and take the drama with us, and while it's our job to leave, it's your job not to care."

That's why some guys, when they start hearing about the civie stuff, RUN.  I read about it on some of the posts, they complain because some girl starts talking about her SO or her kids. But guys like us, with a sensitive side, maybe a little lonely in our real life, or distant in our current relationships, we fall.  Try to seek out girls that state in their ads "NO DRAMA".  What that means is that they know, and they can keep the relationship professional.

In reality, if she were a little more experienced, a little more professional, she would have kept it to herself.

Please dude, forget about her, reconnect in your real life, then go find some hottie to fuck and only talk about fucking.  Sometimes it's hard, but if you really try you can do it.

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