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Re: So Since My NAME WAS BROUGHT UP!,,,,,

Posted 4/25/2012 at 8:57:03 PM

I didn't mention your name so I wasn't going to reply, but whatever...

I have no idea how you advertised cause I hadn't seen your page in a while.  Honestly, I didn't even remember/verify if you were in fact one of those ladies I was talking about, but I know I had seen your name before.  The point of this topic wasn't to call anyone out so I didn't care to verify any of those names mentioned.  It isn't my responsibility and not relevant to my point.  At the end of the day, there are plenty of ladies guilty of this and the couple names mentioned here were a potential few of confirmed many in my eyes.

But back to your post, my assumption is that it wasn't advertised as a "discount" cause I have never seen it advertised that way by anyone.  For the sake of moving forward, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.  Anyway, in the case of your friend... it certainly wasn't advertised as "100 off" the normal rate and I did read her website.  Here is what it says:

300 1hr. "Introduction" to True GFE ....daty dfk bbj cim/facials ..all the good stuff
400 1hr. GFE w/ msog "multipops"
450 90mins GFE  "extended play"

What I found from her site was that she offered 300/hr for "true GFE" and 100 extra for MSOG.  There was no mention of a "discount".  And as Sojourner7 already confirmed, GFE should already mean MSOG.  If I see GFE for 300/hr, there is already an expectation associated with that.  But really, this is exactly what I talk about in my second paragraph in the OP.  I agree that everything is right there and there aren't any surprises.  However, this is a prime example of someone that charges extra for something that should be included already.

Using my work analogy again...  I get work of varying difficulties.  I don't charge extra for my hour depending on what is being asked of me.  Of course, this is apples to oranges.  For example, I can respect extra for Greek.  I can also sort of respect that you may offer discounts.  The intent there would be genuine even though I still think it is nonsense.  I've explained my reasons for thinking it is nonsense ad nauseum, so I won't again.  But I guess I'll just say that you can't appease us all.  Do whatever you want if business is good.  At the end of the day, that's what matters.  Changing things now will probably piss off guys who want a single pop "GFE" like mrdaty49.


Well, I decided to search some old pages and it wasn't advertised as a discount:

Hi its NyLa Ki...
Very Openminded to EVERYTHING!!!!...



1hr 300
1 1/2 450
2hrs 500 ...2nd's and 3rds are welcome(inca||) Special

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