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Posted 4/25/2012 at 6:15:05 PM

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Posted By: ziggy440
Was visiting with a lovely lady recently and she told me she was thinking it was time to change her name - moving from her young, cheerleader persona (which she still does very well, but I can see why she might want to move on), to something more mature and ladylike. Of course, I told her she could and should do whatever she pleases, but she was lovely, exuberant, smart, youthful and elegant, able to fulfill any man's desires.

Okay, I am a suck up, but it was true.

She had chosen a first name, and wanted ideas for a last name. I gave it a shot.

Then I was looking at a couple of less usual provider names today - Nyla Maserati (either an Italian terrorist or a new sportscar) and Maple Brooks (a sylvan paradise, or a suburban subdivision) and it all came together.

What is the best provider name you have encountered? And do you have any great ideas for new names? Over the years my regulars have all been either very plain Jane (Susan), or trying for classy, perhaps with a touch of raciness (Dominique, Angela). But maybe I am ready for a Vava Voom, or Hotty Totty (sure they sound like strippers, but I bet they can dance), or a porn name (where is Cara Lott now?).

What is your favorite provider name, whether it is being used, or just one you think should be? Who knows, some lady may see your suggestion and use it. Then she would owe you... her thanks.



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