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Must be nice to be rich

Posted 3/19/2012 at 5:27:10 PM

and I bet the ladies love you! I would be one of those hobbyists who have passed up that once in a lifetime opportunity - over and over again. Thing is, there are a lot of "once in a lifetime opportunities" and those opportunities tend to repeat and there are always guys like you who step up to the plate and fulfill their dreams. I'm fine with that and the ladies who command high rates are justified in getting whatever they can command.

However, the vast majority of us aren't rich but we aren't penny pinchers either. We middle class are what keeps businesses rolling over the long term. I bet most providers would rather have long-term customers than the one and done variety. But hey, if they can get a guy like you to repeat, more power to them :-)

Me? I'm sticking with my lovely reasonably-priced ladies who, did I mention, are lovely? I'm in my sweet spot and not so interested in high-priced filet garnished with trimmings for which I have no taste.
Like the food analogy? Where's Foody, I need a steak damn it!

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