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When is a 10 really a 10?

Posted 5/10/2012 at 9:20:02 AM

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I'm getting pretty darn tired of seeing the wholesale
offering of 10's to those providers who not only don't
do anal but in some cases don't even do CIM or even
BBBJ. I actually looked back over my reviews and I was
guilty only twice of that transgression and that was because
it was two different doubles. I guess the double made
it seem like a "one is a lifetime" experience. Not a good excuse
but that was my reasoning. What I've done in the past is give
a 9 with the explanation that is was a 10 for me but TER
guidelines prevent me from giving more than a 9.
I understand that when it comes to appearance, beauty  is
in the eyes of the beholder and what may be a 10 to one
hobbyist is only a 7 or 8 to another. That's what makes
horse races. However, when there are clear guidelines for
what constitutes a 10 in performance, how does a provider
who doesn't have a full menu  get that kind of score.
If the moderators are screening these reviews and see
in the profile or in the review that anal or BBBJ or CIM
or even DFK is not offered the review should be disallowed
and sent back to the hobbyist with a reminder of the guidelines.
Anyone else have this same pet peeve?

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