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Generally I ignore most reviews

Posted 3/7/2012 at 10:58:30 PM

but look out for yours because because i find them objective , consistent and informative without putting the providers down or being disrespectful.

I hope that you do not get stuck on an ATF and continue to see and share your experiences with newbies in reviews.


Posted By: oceanpacific9
From my own point of view I have always been honest in my reviews, just the way I felt and the service I recieved and most have been very good. But it should be an honest review, if other guys have not gotten the service I did then maybe it was due to a number of factors including that the ladies are not 100% all the time as we are not, just the way it is. We should all be trying to make this the best experience we can and help each other out (both providers & hobbiest's). Just my opinion. Welcome everyone's opinion on this subject.


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