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No reviews anywhere?

Posted 4/2/2012 at 8:01:30 AM

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There are two ladies who look like they'd be worth a visit or two.  One is Jade, the other Ginger.  I googled the numbers and names, and while they were on some review websites, no reviews were available.  They also both seemed to be in a dozen cities over the last month.  Should I pursue, or take it as a bad omen?  Oh, and if this is a given, sorry, I'm new.

Posted 4/2/2012 at 9:21:54 AM

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appeared to be in a dozen cities in the last month, you probably want to take a pass.  If they've been at this for any length of time and they are legit, there should be a review somewhere.

Good Luck!!

Posted 4/2/2012 at 9:31:30 AM

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This is not the only review site, just probably the largest.  Look elsewhere, I can't name the other sites here, due to TER rules.  If you can't find them anywhere, pass and move on.  None of us will recommend anyone, especially a newbie, to see someone with no reviews.  It just ain't smart.  BTW, you didn't mention the results of your googles.  Are either of them on any of the verification sites, like DateCheck, P411, or RS2K?  That would help establish their legitimacy.  Do they have websites?  That would help too.  Are they young, like 18-22?  I didn't look at their ads before answering your post.

It's not a given that these two girls are bad news, but in my eye, unless you can get some more information on either of them, I'd say again, move on.


Posted 4/2/2012 at 9:35:41 AM

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Jada has a Tampa, Florida, phone number.  I searched on Tampa backpage with no luck.  I do not recognize her either, and I look at bp ads every day.


Posted 4/2/2012 at 10:56:39 AM

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just curious..why do newbies gravitate toward backpage? the rates? that is the absolute worst place to start your hobbying career..

Posted 4/2/2012 at 2:36:47 PM

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in this thread are being read? To read your posts, I had to go back to the Newbie Board.

Posted 4/2/2012 at 3:53:04 PM

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Maybe they have asked to not have reviews posted

Posted 4/2/2012 at 5:07:28 PM

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Doesn't make sense unless they are very close together...  in which case she's centrally located & willing to travel to meet anyone who books.  It just does not seem right.  Do not forget that ladies can opt to not accept reviews.  TER will not accept a profile unless reviews are agreed to.
There are good providers & scammers on every ad site.  To find one there & then research fully is much more time consuming.  The whole point of TER is to bring the data together.  I shop the most recent reviews...  read the profile especially if she delivered as promised, real pictures, follow the links to her ads (and hopefully pictures) then read the reviews.  Yes, you need VIP.  The mere presence of reviews does not prove if they are good or bad.  
I'm not saying to never see someone you have spotted but you'll do better to circle back when you have more experience.  

Posted 4/2/2012 at 5:19:49 PM

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No idea, when I click on your post KK, I don't see all the posts that are on the thread.  Weird.....


Posted 4/2/2012 at 6:55:06 PM

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I sent a PM to Admin from one of the threads they "Closed" because it was there too. Wonder if the "Ignore" button has anything to do with it or the IT implementation of it. You know how those upgrades can be. There is always a gremlin in the works somewhere that decides to show up completely unexpected.

Posted 4/3/2012 at 9:49:39 AM

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Posted 4/3/2012 at 11:23:07 AM

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A couple of the first girl's photos might be legit, but this one makes me say to forget it.

And both of the second girl's photos make me think bogus all the way.

Google Image search is your friend.

Posted 4/3/2012 at 7:02:54 PM

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I am not familiar with image search.  Did you actually google the image and not text, or did you describe the picture and find more like it?

Posted 4/4/2012 at 8:35:39 AM

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I searched with the image.  Click on the little camera and enter a photo's url.  

With Firefox, right click on an image and select Copy Image Location.  Then, at click on the camera and paste the image URL.  In the results you'll either see the original photo and a bunch of others the Google says look similar, or you'll see a several to a bunch of the original photos pop up on other websites.  Try it out.