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Here's a better idea!
anotherprickinthewall 5737 reads
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I don't think a separate board is necessary, and playing safe is not that complicated.

It would invite those who want to play on peoples fears and it would be one STD/BBFS/chickenlittle thread after another.

BTW, the newbie manual does have STD information threads.

Ishootcraps 27 Reviews 5774 reads
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The general board is where most of this discussion is happening and many posters are complaining, this is a serious issue that many members want to discuss.  It should have it's own board just like the legal corner.

hiddenhills 136 Reviews 4308 reads
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Just quit hobbying, if you don't want to take the risk.  We are all adults and everyone hobbies at a risk level that is comfortable for them.  I attached the link to the section of the self help center concerning STDs. Spend sometime on the FAQ for newbie board, and you'll see this topic is brought up daily. Also the EH board when the LG was the moderator discussed this topic as well.  All the threads form the EH board are still up and available to read.

DaveMogal 71 Reviews 4609 reads
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No need to quit. Get educated, do the calculations and adjust strategy accordingly.  Here is a paper that I found that is good news.

really-now 5630 reads
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We need a board dedicated to that old tired topic like we need root canal surgery.  Do a search on the GD board for that stuff OR Newbie board and you'll see hundreds of threads all saying the same old same old.

GaGambler 4535 reads
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I will agree that they are the most OVER discussed topics on TER and ridding the other boards of those topics would be a great idea.

HalfHour 4945 reads
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all the crap like "It aint a blow job if you're wearing a condom!" or "Ladies, update your photographs if you develop stretch marks!" etc etc etc


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GaGambler 4508 reads
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Yeah, I could get behind an idea like that.

but getting all the STD and BBFS posts put onto a single "chicken little" board would be a good first step.

HalfHour 4587 reads
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The "LOATHING" could cover all the "I hate it when men don't wash their ass" and " I hate it when women dont swallow my cum."

The "too stupid" could be throwm in there too, just because Hunter S. Thompson would do it that way.


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