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Yep..it's MC alright lol. Just gave yourself away. EOM.

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We charge what we want.  If you don't like it there are always 80 dollar special girls on backpage.  Have you ever heard of inflation?  If you keep inflation in mind then we do probably charge the same as providers did back then.  Considering how much we spend just to be successful providers I find your post to be very disrespectful.

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Posted By: PourSomeSugarOnMe
Rates !! Okay lets call it a Theme Week > to lets saaayyyy the 70s !! For 1 week the rates go to what they were then ? If it works we can do the 80s then 90s ? Okay and for b'day 's >> Roman rates or Cave man !! How much were the rates during these times ?? MT & PROVIDER with the Funky rates got a chart ? Thanks !!!

Warm Baby Oil- 2$
Box of latex gloves- 6$
Roll of Bounty for clean up-2$
You Shutting..T.F.U.  - Priceless

Yep 10$ that's about what a BJ cost from a street worker in 1970. Hows that?

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the Greek government every time they offer greek.

That would get them out of the hole pretty quickly.


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he just has the wrong alias..should be PourSomePityOnMe..

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Don't forget that TER, or the Internet for that matter did not exist back then. So, you might find some for a cheap price, but there were many more who had "arrival fees".. which lasted through the early 2000's. And this was considered common practice for a very long time.... many times guys would end up spending more back then, compared to the ladies who have flat rates now.

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I think someone just gave up their alias  :) Time for a new one.

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I called your post disrespectful because it is.  Any hobbyist who has sense knows that trying to talk a provider into lowering her rates is one of the most disrespectful things you can do.  You react by attacking me, calling my post "back talk."  The only time someone uses that word is when they feel surperior to someone.  So you feel surperior to me because I'm 25  (I'm actually 23), I'm 6'2 (I'm actually 5'11) and I'm not skinny?  Your posts, your grammar and your lack of maturity suggest otherwise.  Being older doesn't mean you are better, or more mature, or have more intelligence than someone probably half your age and you are the perfect example of an older man who still acts like an idiot teenager and needs to grow up.  You must have little man complex if you think a tall woman is a bad thing.  Whats wrong?  Are you one of those men that needs to be with short petite women so you can feel more like a man?  I'm so sorry that you think a tall curvy woman is beneath you.  Plenty of men like women who aren't stick figures and have naturally large breasts.  As for my rate, I charge what I do because I'm still fairly new.  Obviously you have a taste for expensive women and shouldn't be complaining about their rates.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Posted 5/16/2012 at 1:23:46 PM

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and no one cares what he says.

But you do need to up your rates to $250 for the Carolinas.  You're too well spoken and intelligent to be going for the rate you have yourself at now.  Keep your appointments no matter what and provide the best service you can and you will do excellent at it if you work at it ~ it doesn't matter if you're new!

Posted 5/16/2012 at 3:26:39 PM

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If you think we should roll the rates back to the 70's, then lets be fair and roll them forward 40 years as well. And for every appointment you pay for at the 70's rate, you can also pay at the same time the future rate.

Oh,......yeah I kind of thought you would feel that way. A one sided proposal is a the mark of a poor salesperson. A successful transaction should be where both parties are happy with the results.

Just my two cents

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like a friend of mine did. She was in the Carolinas as well and said, "Time does not pay the bills, but money does." She did not want to offer an hour at less than $250, so she just did 2 hours for 3. Too much work for me, but hey it worked for her lol.

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I charge $300 for an hour and a half.  I've had many people tell me I should increase my rates, I just cautious about it that's all.  I want to wait for the right time, whenever that will be.  The Carolinas have a lower standard of living than other parts of the country do.  Regardless it pays a lot better than a military paycheck.

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You're funny.  I think we're worth a bigger investment in these hard times.  Maybe you should up your bonus to one special girl... what do you think?   That way you'll have an even greater experience because you put your money where your mouth is!

Posted 5/16/2012 at 10:35:04 PM

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He came back as "poursomesugar" and I bet this alias disappears as of this thread, and he will be back as someone else.

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I caught it too, and I mentioned it in my "oops" post below. I just wasn't as blunt as you LOL:)

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On the carolina and florida boards, they call me MC.
 Thank you.

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he always talks about Vegas and Brazil...Michael Corleone.


Posted By: mconnection
On the carolina and florida boards, they call me MC.
 Thank you.


Posted 5/17/2012 at 6:26:47 AM

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And have ridiculously long side burns, a big bushy mustache and lapels that reach out to the sleeve.

A magenta shirt and bell bottoms would also be required.


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but I'd say 75% of the escorts then did insist on condoms, and they were like wearing gym socks in the shower, if you know what I mean.