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Re: Aru of Spa Accupressure in Inglewood
soulspeak 13324 reads
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Just wondering if anyone has anything to say, good or bad, about Aru from Spa Accupressure on Manchester in Inglewood..  I was considering paying a visit to her, based on some fairly glowing reviews on a now defunct website, Redsnake.com...    She seemed to be exactly what I'm looking for..  A young, exotic, in-shape beauty at a reasonable price.. Naturally, I'd like some of your insight before I take the plunge.Thanks in advance for any reviews.

Janeth risueno 12131 reads
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baby i won't recomend you to visit any massage parlor in Inglewood. I used to work in every place in Inglewood. They have become very dangerous. It's not the same anymore. I do outcall now. If you could go to her house or have her come to your house would be better for both of you,because actually The "spa acupressure" has been the more bothered by the law. The rooms don't have a lock and you are always exposed to anybody going inside so you are never confortable. They have a lot of girls that's why it get so much attention.Be careful.vanessawww.exotic-vanessa.com

a 11709 reads
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renzo 16084 reads
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Are you talking about Sun acupressure or is Spa a different one

Todomundo 13233 reads
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There is an Aru at Spa Acupressure. She's a south american looker with a very nice face. I won't see her again due to her low standard of personal hygiene.Spa's facility is one of the cleaner ones and they have a good selection of both asians and latinas.Inglewood is still a reliable venue for most of us regulars, despite previous comments. Yes, LE does visit all the places from time to time, but that's just SOP.

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