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At what point after "Fake pics"
Conosaur 832 reads
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Well, it happened. My first truly horrible rip-off experience. Fake pics, service not provided as promised, the whole enchilada. And, I can't even warn you nice folks about it, because I found her on a certain site from which TER does not allow reviews.

So.....I am looking for an experience that will either erase the bad taste and reinvigorate my interest in the hobby, or serve as a completely enjoyable hobby swan song. Looking for suggestions from providers and other hobbyists. Please respond with a post here as I can't read PMs. Geographically, I'd prefer outcall to the 90068 zip code. Thanks for any help.

veejules See my TER Reviews 410 reads
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OingeBoinge 104 Reviews 322 reads
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That would have been your first warning if TER does not even allow reviews linked to the site.  I don't know what you like, but one provider I like to see when over in that general area would be Mimi.  Not sure what you have for references though.

Okay, and the one that hit send just before me looks like a real winner also.

RRO2610 50 Reviews 427 reads
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did you conclude you're being Ripped-off?

 The immediate determination that the woman before me is not the woman in the photos indicates to me that the experience will only continue to sully.

 How long has been your "interest" in the hobby? You allude to having successful prior experiences. If so; why the train wreck of poor judgment on your part?

mufftime 179 Reviews 262 reads
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That should have been your first clue. If she were that
bad the reviews would have reflected it. If there were
no TER reviews to go by you really did it to yourself.
Now just peruse the  reviews and you will have no
problem finding what you're looking for.

Lanforce 8 Reviews 271 reads
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If there was some kind of "review" web site where hobbyists could share their experiences with various providers so as to minimize the risk of having bad experiences and losing money.

This web site could have "members" who by virtue of their status, could provide detailed descriptions of their sessions, prices paid, services provided, and a general idea of the providers attractiveness.

I suppose until such time that this imaginary "review" site exists, we will all have to simply take our chances with blind ads from unscrupulous web sites and spend money willy nilly for unpredictable experiences.

The $200-$400 you likely lost would have more than paid for a years VIP on this board.
No sympathy here.

mufftime 179 Reviews 345 reads
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Don't get testy. Just get a VIP membership and do your
homework. That's the best advice we can give. If you choose
not to use it then don't complain.

BigPeterJohnson 40 Reviews 248 reads
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if you contribute reviews your membership is free for a limited time.  in other words, participate and this kind of thing won't happen to you!

DickyJones 292 reads
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wow. Will u ever come to DC?

OingeBoinge 104 Reviews 350 reads
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we are just pointing out the tools here to avoid that.  I have not gotten burned by a rip off since TER came along.  It makes all the difference.  This was much harder to do before about the year 2000 and I got burned a bit.  But I really stuck with the good ones once I found them.  It was more a sellers market before around the year 2000, then the switch to the buyers market.  We are just trying to drive the point home on how to be a good buyer.  Plus you did get provided with a couple of good eraser options :-)

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Migs1224 295 reads
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As I continually complain about, the reviews on here are so over inflated (and I learned not just with k-girls), that a "7" here that I met was truly a 2 in my book.  Her service was great, but it didn't matter, it was really hard to get past the looks without thinking of something else.  This is different than the OPs problem because I wasn't ripped off, per say.  But the pics were deceiving, and again the reviews really inflated the appearance.  Another reason I personally don't review, if you have nothing nice to say...
PM me if you'd like a couple of good suggestions.  It's funny you posted this because even though it was outside of my budget I had to go see someone else the next day to get the bad taste out of my mouth.

summersizzle See my TER Reviews 261 reads
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google is  such a great way to locate the providers .. stick with proven track records. sorry you got burned.

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