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ISO's: Donita Dunes & Sadie Sexton

Posted 6/7/2002 at 6:58:58 AM

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Any word on Sadie Sexton's availability...yes/no? Also, is Donita Dunes still escorting? Saw her here in Atlanta a while back and had a great time. Thanks in advance.

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Posted 6/7/2002 at 9:51:21 AM

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The last I heard earlier this year is that Donita still escorts but the contact info I have and that was later updated to me aren't working. It is preety hard to rely on a Cell Phone as a legitimate contact info since the ladies tend to change the numbers very frequently.

As for Sadie Sexton I have no 411 on her but she looks fine.

Seth A/K/A The Doctor

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Posted 6/7/2002 at 12:22:30 PM

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I saw Sadie Sexton at a local strip club about 4 months ago, and she said that she did not escort.  Granted she may have been tring to be safe, but that is what she told me then.


Posted 6/8/2002 at 1:08:48 AM

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Gyno Jr.
I saw Donita at a local Strip club and she said she does not escort.

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Posted 6/8/2002 at 4:10:18 AM

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What was the name of the strip club?  Was it in LA? I know Sadie used to work at Crazy Horse in Vegas but I haven't seen her there in quite awhile.

Posted 6/8/2002 at 7:46:23 AM

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