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I think you're thinking of M4M. That's different than MFM. (e)

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No details?  Just a blanket, out of blue, random solicitation for a SBM to come fuck a female?  Really?  Sounds like TGTBT along with the shitty smell!!  Even if a PM discussion is necessary at least supply some minimal level of details in your general posting such as: is she is a BBW as some guys don't prefer BBWs; etc, etc, etc.

Then again.....the offer could be too legit to quit!  Man I miss MC Hammer....oh oh, oh oh...its Hammer time......ROFLMAO

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convert into being a homosexual. Well, I would feel that I should at least contribute to some form of recommendation. I've found two Ero's male escorts, both are not African American. Who knows, maybe it might spark an interest in the OP's request.

(I've nicked name this male escort, Johnny the submissive. I have no experience in this realm of escorting, but, from looking at his ad, that is what I concluded)

(I've nicked name this male escort, Rocko, the young stallion)

Posted 4/5/2012 at 2:45:14 AM

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Who are you to judge one's request? You guys must surf Craig's list WAY too much. MFM also means a"3 way" consisting of 2 males & a female.

oncemore87, Logan Wright is a very affable gentleman who ( I feel) would fit your criteria.
His link is below.


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And I'm betting this guy doesn't want to pay for the other guy. There are very few black hobbyist I know who enjoy the MFM or group parties.

I'm curious, is the F a GF or provider? And is the OP black? Does he want, or does she want this?


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