Politics and Religion

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That's where we need to go, as a human race, if we are to finally thrive

Posted 5/13/2012 at 1:36:39 AM

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talking of unnecessary intitutions like marriage...
what do you say about government?


Posted 5/13/2012 at 2:43:07 AM

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No government! Great song robert! The imagery on that yt was powerful.. A patsy, is a slang word, for person who commits false flag terror attacks..

ALL those retarded people our government keeps entrapping into becoming terrorists, would be a patsy.. I swear even though they spelled it patsi, the images clearly said to me they're talking about patsy

Posted 5/13/2012 at 4:53:41 AM

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....to the degree that it's undemocratic. The more democratic it is, the more just it is. The opposite is also true. The less democratic it is, the less just it is. Our own government's existence has little credibility these days.

Posted 5/13/2012 at 6:19:30 AM

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Credibility? The government simply carries out the will of the running dogs of capitalism. In that respect the government is very credible.