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Gorgeous fun young nympho porn starlet Layton Benton bringing my big booty to the Big Apple

Posted 9/5/2012 at 6:52:31 PM

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Hey guys,
I was just at the grocery store and the cashier told me "strip down, facing me" ... how was I to know he meant my debit card? lol ... yup, as you can tell, I'm a naughty one alright ;)
But seriously, I'm brand new porn starlet Layton Benton and I recently exploded onto the scene (no pun intended as far as facials ;) ... and ever since my first scene launched from Reality Kings a couple of weeks ago, my email crashed with tons of guys requesting a private session ...
And that's got me thinking "strip down, facing you" ... lol ... but seriously, I'm super excited to meet a few really great guys ... so I'm heading to the NYC / NJ area next week (Tues 9/11 - Thurs 9/13) ... and I'm more than happy to meet up with a couple of sincere, easy going, upscale and generous gentleman ... and then give them a little, shall we say, "datin' with Layton" experience :)
When emailing, please include your name, number, description, availability and references ... and I'll then then do my best to get back to a couple of guys who seem really nice.
And all I can really say about myself (in all honesty) is that everyone always tells me that I'm a super fun, flirty, down to earth girl ... who just happens to have a "full throttle fifth gear" in bed ... and probably why I got into porn! lol   (Layton Benton)


Posted 9/6/2012 at 6:57:04 AM

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Hey guys ... thank you so much for all the compliments as you guys really know how to flatter a girl and I really appreciate it. And as requested by popular demand ;), I just wanted to post a little naughty pic from "behind" :)
Thanks again as I'll see you guys next week.
Your girl,


Posted 9/6/2012 at 9:41:17 AM

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Very beautiful indeed Layton.  Welcome to TER!!!!

Posted 9/6/2012 at 4:00:00 PM

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Hi Gent2000,
Thank you so much for the compliment ... as I think every girl loves a sweet and sincere compliment. And thank you for making me feel so welcome ... as this is all new to me ... and I'm a tiny bit nervous but overall super excited ... and I really do hope that I can share an unforgettable time with a couple of really nice guys while I'm in NYC next week.
Thanks again ... as I'm truly flattered (and kinda even blushing).
Love ya,


Posted By: Gent2000
Very beautiful indeed Layton.  Welcome to TER!!!!


Posted 9/7/2012 at 8:35:04 PM

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Hey guys,
I'll try and answer two of the most frequently asked questions that I've been getting in a lot of your emails ... yes I am available in north NJ next week (9/11 - 9/13) ... and yes I am offering a $500 special for this, my first trip, to the north east.