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Julia Ann - best BJ ever

Posted 3/6/2010 at 3:50:44 AM

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The new girls are great, but sometimes you've got to go "old school" for a classic, dick throbbing, long slow BJ to die for!

Posted 3/6/2010 at 6:45:04 AM

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Posted 3/6/2010 at 9:07:50 AM

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Posted 3/6/2010 at 9:52:32 AM

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Posted 3/6/2010 at 11:16:53 AM

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Hard to agrue it is not. The tease is awesome, getting to the sucking, her looks and moaning was great, very good looking babe, she has great hands and mouth and titty action and there would be no other better way to finish than the way that guy did on her face, really good video. I did most of bobbi bliss and DT artist BJ videos are good as well.

Posted 3/6/2010 at 8:51:31 PM

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Got to get me one of those soon!

Posted 3/7/2010 at 5:17:31 AM

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that is how a woman gives head.....the best.