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Re:Samantha 38G...?
Vagheli Mu 3552 reads
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Does anyone know if Samantha 38G still provides and what her current contact info is?  (I left a similar post on the other board but haven't gotten any concrete leads yet...).

Much appreciated!

KNIGHTLY1 2 Reviews 3711 reads
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I found her listed on  and she has a website

Good luck

Vagheli Mu 3485 reads
4 / 7

THANKS GUYS!  Much appreciated!

Spoke with Samantha this afternoon...I'll report back with a review!

dave365 2843 reads
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I believe she is based out of Vegas now.  She has raised her rates, I remember seeing her back in 2002 for $$$.5

dave365 3193 reads
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Before you see Samamtha you might want to consider that she lost alot of weight, and her tits are not as big as they used to be.

You might want to consider joining her website and see some of her new pics before you decide to see her.

Ron_Getz 3069 reads
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Woman has a terrible attitude, thinks shes gods gift to men and wants to be treated like a godess when she treats everyone else like cow dung


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