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Re:Ann Howe AKA Melissa Ashley

Posted 11/30/2003 at 1:01:11 PM

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Anyone have 411 on this little hottie? I've been infatuated ever since the 1st time I saw her in an Ed Powers (Ithink) video. I think she also goes by the name of Ashley.

Posted 12/4/2003 at 12:58:35 PM

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check her out...and she does private shows

good luck, thou...she stood me and hasn't called back!!!

Posted 12/5/2003 at 11:44:25 AM

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Gomel ... thanks for the info.  Her site just makes me hotter for her. I apreciate your warning too.

Posted 12/7/2003 at 2:26:59 AM

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oops, i did mean to say she stood me up, emailed me once to apologize but hasn't emailed me or called me back since then...i know the holidays are tough but when you've been trying to set up an appointment for about 2 months and this happens, you kinda get discouraged...
too bad thou...i was ready to pay her E2K prices!!!