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Yasmin Lee info

Posted 1/9/2010 at 8:09:23 AM

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Any recent info on Yasmin Lee?  She is in DC and she looks hot!!!

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Posted 1/9/2010 at 8:34:36 AM

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Do a search on the board here for the last 300 days, and ya get 29 threads. :)


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Posted 1/9/2010 at 11:45:49 AM

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I met Ms. Lee in June of last year, so that does not qualify as recent. I saw she was visiting, had seen some of her movies, found some good reviews, and picked up the phone. She is hot, and she is big, the biggest I've ever seen. She is also a porn star, used to working with hot young guys. Since I am not a hot young guy, that might have been the reason I did not get to experience one of those scenes in person.
YMMV. Our date was ok, no kissing, CBJ on me, I topped mish, see you later alligator. She was nice enough, but I could tell that she was not that into the date pretty much from the start of it.
Good luck, I think she would be a fun date if she liked you.


Posted 1/9/2010 at 12:13:25 PM

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Mixed reviews for sure.  YMMV big time with her. She is a hottie but the session will go the way she wants it to go, now the way you want it to go.  That kinda rubbed me the wrong way since I gave 3xx bones a few years back.  She wanted to top and I was not into that and the sessin fizzles with me leaving a little pissed.


Posted 1/9/2010 at 9:49:06 PM

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She's a porn star and in quite a few movies if that helps


Posted 1/10/2010 at 12:09:00 PM

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i last seen Yasmin perform in one of the Devil Film's transexual cheerleader films (Vol.1 ?)
i don't think she is as big,hung as she used to be,(hormones?)but still nice size.

i thought she was on a farewell tour last year when i missed her in her Dallas trip.But apparently she is still actively escorting and travelling abroad.  But i've also read past reviews and thread posts that also indicated if she likes you,the session could go good. i'm suprised to find very few reviews of her considering her wide spread popularity. and That's an expensive note she charge$$$,but she's always been been one of my very favorite all time TS adult stars and could be worth it.


Posted 1/10/2010 at 1:27:03 PM

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I read somewhere that she will not see black guys? Is this true?


Posted 1/11/2010 at 4:36:17 AM

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don't know about not sweeing Black guys.
The dog is right (as usual) the session will go as she plans it. That may, or may not be good for you.
I saw her a year ago in Tucson on her farewll tour.
It was amazing. I'm not a young guy but I"m in great shape and  it couldn't have been any better (other than CBJ). She's dominant and sexy as hell.
I have admired her for afar and finally got to live the dream.
Go for it!
Oh yeah, she's banned from TER so don't waste you time looking for reviews. Pity, the best one I ever submitted was "Unapproved"


Posted 1/12/2010 at 6:16:42 AM

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why would she be banned?


Posted 8/4/2013 at 10:30:47 AM

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I visited with her twice, years ago, my first experience was and is an all time favorite. It was my first time with a tgirl ever. I told her I was new and that she was my first and actually the very person who inspired me to try. She is just a beautiful in person. After telling her all that, I told her she could use me like in the videos and she did just that. Not the bdsm just the topping. It was awesome. She was into it, but I prepped myself before(she's huge), I have good hygiene, cleaned myself out and was very eager to do as told and I'm in decent shape, comparable to the guys in her video.
She told me she like breaking in new guys, then took control.  
If you enjoy bottoming to dominant women, who tend to top only. Go for it.
Admitt it's been a while and things change. So ymmv.
Posted By: DCTSLuvr
Any recent info on Yasmin Lee?  She is in DC and she looks hot!!!

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