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Re: Jenna Jameson panties for sale

Posted 7/19/2008 at 2:44:46 AM

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I once saw Jenna Jameson's used panties for sale.  But now I've heard they are mass marketing imitation used porn star panties with a scratch 'n' sniff strip inside.  You can get different scents.  I'll take mine with the thin crust and extra cheese.


Posted 7/19/2008 at 10:05:54 AM

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so maybe a trip out here is what is needed and you can get yours for yourself

Posted 7/19/2008 at 10:40:21 PM

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Posted 7/20/2008 at 3:59:35 AM

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with the changes in her appearance (skinny) over the years, and while it is clear that she loves sexual adventure.... it is not clear that the drama around her life would be worth the trip to Scottsdale...

I can think of other providers who I WOULD and have made the trip out West to see.  less drama and more of a feeling that it was real... something tells me that a date with Jenna would be more like being in a Salvadore Dali painting (where when one looks to the details, one realizes the distortions of reality) rather than a truly erotic night of enchantment.  But that could be just me!

Posted 7/23/2008 at 8:01:34 AM

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