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Fancy yourself an author of erotica? Feel like sharing a salacious story with your TER brethren? If so, then you have come to the right place!

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TurbayVeronica159 reads
quadseasonal105 reads
VuittonNeverfullGM138 reads
TurbayVeronica115 reads
Strangebrew1293 reads
macdaddy1944120 reads
impposter126 reads
FatVern97 reads
stethdoctor87 reads
Bsecret5590 reads
TectorGorch113 reads
VincenzoG91259 reads
sailor66130 reads
perfectstorm98 reads
z5dhr687104 reads
RobbinYoung249 reads
Wallyballz156 reads
cspatz137 reads
balljointnut132 reads
RobbinYoung160 reads
bocabuster105 reads
Stay_thirsty_my_friend99 reads
Gemma Coreana105 reads
vantheman666118 reads
Laffy101 reads
sailor6690 reads
z5dhr68797 reads
GaGambler119 reads
vantheman66694 reads
VincenzoG9178 reads
perfectstorm178 reads
FatVern128 reads
perfectstorm80 reads
FatVern85 reads
RobbinYoung121 reads
coeur-de-lion76 reads
sympathyforthedevil99 reads
LisaLang100 reads
devindavette97 reads
vantheman66696 reads
munchinmuffin71 reads
RobbinYoung79 reads
perfectstorm66 reads
munchinmuffin226 reads
mrfisher152 reads
ToriValentine409 reads
z5dhr68799 reads
ToriValentine95 reads
RobbinYoung137 reads
z5dhr68784 reads
ToriValentine76 reads
RobbinYoung102 reads
Mara.E.Blake268 reads
AllstarAllie285 reads
LikeTearsInRain38 reads
jelloman42159 reads
stubmytoe297 reads
Freya Fantasia131 reads
sailor6695 reads
Jezhabel406 reads
FetisFun50178 reads
emorf4077104 reads
FetisFun50117 reads
voyager-43116 reads
Glaze72308 reads
Samois156 reads
LasVegan247 reads
Samois86 reads
Samois297 reads
z5dhr68776 reads
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