The Erotic Highway

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Life is an Erotic Highway. Sometimes on that journey we all could use a little guidance. Let us help you navigate it, and have a bit of fun along the way. If you have questions or observations about sex, love, or the hobby, ask for us advice. We will do everything in our power to get you to your destination!

Please be aware that we are in no way physicians and that questions concerning medical conditions and prescription drug management issues will not be posted.


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Valida199 reads
whollysh!!473 reads
asiantantric224 reads
AsianManNOVA241 reads
Falcons1217 reads
hobby48430 reads
ATLDAWG214 reads
Riley007178 reads
sympathyforthedevil584 reads
in_vino_veritas257 reads
sympathyforthedevil160 reads
asiantantric200 reads
magoo251157 reads
sympathyforthedevil160 reads
magoo251121 reads
sympathyforthedevil110 reads
GaGambler141 reads
magoo251153 reads
junglegym25134 reads
MartyG114 reads
junglegym25404 reads
stolper122 reads
junglegym25151 reads
8pointbuck65 reads
hljockey460 reads
junglegym25231 reads
NiceGuyInCapital243 reads
KL69069179 reads
silverbeachbud110 reads
sympathyforthedevil100 reads
magoo25163 reads
sweetman305 reads
sympathyforthedevil420 reads
sympathyforthedevil186 reads
magoo251189 reads
Riley007149 reads
jbinMC120 reads
bofia111 reads
CdnBman169 reads
chardonay153 reads
Riley007161 reads
NiceGuyInCapital107 reads
KL6906957 reads
TurbayVeronica68 reads
sweetman219 reads
sxfiendpark96279 reads
junglegym25186 reads
junglegym25243 reads
sympathyforthedevil241 reads
Falcons1147 reads
in_vino_veritas178 reads
averagejoe38150 reads
Looking4FitGFE287 reads
sweetman162 reads
GaGambler112 reads
sweetman92 reads
principium84 reads
sympathyforthedevil86 reads
principium91 reads
airmantroy68 reads
sxfiendpark9674 reads
Coach1437106 reads
sweetman45 reads
Posteriorlover286 reads
sweetman95 reads
Posteriorlover149 reads
junglegym25164 reads
Posteriorlover206 reads
sweetman120 reads
Posteriorlover95 reads
magoo251191 reads
magoo251537 reads
DiskSpinner326 reads
magoo251231 reads
GaGambler150 reads
magoo251122 reads
herbtcat76 reads
principium200 reads
in_vino_veritas47 reads
camote16150 reads
magoo251277 reads
KL69069199 reads
herbtcat153 reads
GaGambler127 reads
magoo251122 reads
sweetman122 reads
sympathyforthedevil189 reads
principium149 reads
magoo251139 reads
BadBraelyn628 reads
junglegym25193 reads
GaGambler248 reads
GaGambler140 reads
cageyboy141 reads
BlueeyeJack117 reads
GaGambler91 reads
KL69069166 reads
asiantantric139 reads
GaGambler137 reads
herbtcat110 reads
DiskSpinner75 reads
sxfiendpark9661 reads
DiskSpinner42 reads
in_vino_veritas85 reads
8pointbuck75 reads
Riley007477 reads
BadBraelyn225 reads
mrfisher92 reads
sympathyforthedevil202 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu143 reads
sympathyforthedevil128 reads
AHappyCamper107 reads
arrowman38 reads
herbtcat132 reads
sweetman65 reads
Riley007164 reads
camote16144 reads
BlueeyeJack94 reads
averagejoe38130 reads
MDraft436 reads
junglegym25161 reads
olt091074 reads
Riley007114 reads
sympathyforthedevil116 reads
herbtcat117 reads
averagejoe38106 reads
BadBraelyn52 reads
asiantantric109 reads
GaGambler90 reads
in_vino_veritas39 reads
asiantantric69 reads
hockeyman443500 reads
sympathyforthedevil218 reads
stolper184 reads
Falcons1104 reads
Pirate2008127 reads
Roberto46106 reads
junglegym25113 reads
GaGambler153 reads
sympathyforthedevil119 reads
olt0910123 reads
hockeyman443105 reads
sweetman98 reads
Looking4FitGFE78 reads
sweetman54 reads
herbtcat38 reads
sweetman41 reads
sweetman268 reads
principium116 reads
sweetman99 reads
principium94 reads
Cardinal_Richelieu115 reads
sympathyforthedevil123 reads
herbtcat101 reads
arrowman101 reads
sweetman60 reads
camote16342 reads
sympathyforthedevil155 reads
KL69069167 reads
principium130 reads
principium67 reads
KL69069100 reads
principium77 reads
sympathyforthedevil30 reads
herbtcat92 reads
camote1660 reads
Falcons167 reads
KL6906962 reads
camote1664 reads
sxfiendpark96168 reads
sympathyforthedevil76 reads
averagejoe3866 reads
KL6906946 reads
NiceGuyInCapital23 reads
easternpacific249 reads
herbtcat130 reads
herbtcat103 reads
BadBraelyn90 reads
rimbaud91367 reads
NaughtyMaddy78 reads
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